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Welcome to the wiki of Founders' Fortune! here you'll find some tricks, guide and all you need to know about the game !

Before we let you continue on the wiki, we have to say that this wiki has been made by the community and is not official.

What can I find here?

This wiki helps basically to start in the game, find solutions, help, tutorials and other stuff to help you with your questions about the game!

Game Roadmap

DEV: There are some big features we’d love to implement and the community keeps asking for them. We know we are capable of making them and they’d fit the game. But we need time and only funding can get us that.

List of things DEV would like to add to the game with enough fund and time:

  • Mod Support
  • Multi-Floor Buildings and Roofs
  • Animals and Pets
  • Relationships
  • Multiple Islands
  • Other Factions

What if DEV don’t get enough funding to continue development full time?

DEV : If we can’t continue with full time dev, we have to stop adding large new features to the game. However, we’ve been making games in our free time for 8 years now. Founders’ Fortune would continue to be supported and we would shift our focus to polishing it and fixing bugs until we’re happy with the experience.

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